Resilience at Work


Kathryn McEwan
Organisational Psychologist

In Mind Consulting Clinical Psychologists, Dr Kat Gardner and Dr Katie Newns, are Resilience at Work (R@W) accredited.

The innovative R@W approach helps us assist organisations in increasing their understanding of the resilience of their teams.

R@W is an evidence-based approach that combines research and practitioner experience related to thriving and occupational stress. It provides a systemic framework that considers the complexity of resilience in the work context. The toolkit considers organisational needs with the aim to assist organisations to communicate better, and identifies and promotes the actions needed to build resilience within the

The toolkit comprises a set of three inter-related models and measures that explore what needs to happen at an individual, team, and leader level to build resilience at work. All three parts of the system interact in a dynamic way, within an organisational context, to influence current resilience levels. These levels are not static; they shift and are therefore amenable to intervention and positive change.

Companies that work with us and utilise the R@W toolkit will have the benefit of not only our expertise as Registered Psychologists, but also this powerful model and associated measures, which will give qualitative data and guidance to develop business strategies aimed at creating and maintaining organisational resilience.

If you would like to talk further about how R@W and In Mind Consulting could be the perfect combination for your business please contact us to discuss this further.

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