How much is mental distress costing your organisation?

Every organisation is impacted by mental distress. At any one time one worker in six will experience depression, anxiety or problems relating to stress. The business costs of psychological distress in the workplace cost UK businesses in the region of £26 billion per annum* as a result of reduced productivity, presenteeism, sickness absence and staff turnover.

Improving mental health in the workplace is justifiable in its own right. There are clear business benefits for creating an organisational ethos that promotes psychological health. For examples that employers could save 30% or more* of the above costs by improving the management of mental health in the workplace.

As registered psychologists we have the expertise and passion to assist your organisation in the prevention and early identification of difficulties. Our overall objective is to improve wellbeing and productivity in the workplace and help your employees shift from surviving to thriving.

*Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health

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