Creating a PsychologicallyHealthy Workplace.

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Creating a PsychologicallyHealthy Workplace

Improving productivity, resilience & motivation
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In Mind Consulting

In Mind Consulting is focused on helping you understand and work with mental health issues in the workplace

A business IS its people. You cannot have a productive, healthy business without investing in the psychological health of your workforce. We provide evidence based solutions from behavioural science that will improve productivity, resilience and motivation in your teams.
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We are a hard working team of highly experienced Registered Psychologists who are passionate about using behavioural science to transform your business.
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Resilience at Work

“A NEW ERA OFWORK MAKESRESILIENCE ACRITICALATTRIBUTE” Kathryn McEwanOrganisational Psychologist In Mind Consulting Clinical Psychologists, Dr Kat Gardner and Dr Katie Newns, are Resilience at Work (R@W) accredited. The innovative R@W approach helps us assist organisations in increasing their understanding of the resilience of their teams. R@W is an evidence-based approach that combines research and practitioner […]


Emotional Health Toolkit is now In Mind Consulting We are focused on helping companies understand and work with mental health issues in the workplace Our team of registered applied psychologists help assess and make sense of the psychological difficulties teams are facing and offer solutions. Our approaches are focused on helping you to regain and […]